​​ACT logoThis week the Colorado Department of Education announced procedures on how grade 11 students may take the ACT+ Writing test.

In past years, the optional Writing component was not part of the Colorado ACT test required of all 11th graders. This year, the state of Colorado is offering the opportunity for high school juniors who wish to take the ACT+ Writing to do so on Saturday, April 9, 2016 at an identified national testing site. Students will take the full battery of the ACT on the same day.

Grade 11 students must request a voucher by February 5.​  The voucher will pay the cost of taking the ACT+ Writing.  To request a voucher, please contact the Eaglecrest College and Career Center at 720-886-1197.  Please do not register for the April ACT before requesting a voucher.  

Grade 11 students who do not wish to take the ACT+ Writing or are not able to test on April 9,  will take the required Colorado ACT on Tuesday​, April 19, 2016 at their home schools.  Students who take the ACT+writing on April 9, 2016 with a voucher will NOT take the Colorado ACT on April 19 at their home high school. 

If a Grade 11 student has already registered for to take the April 9 National ACT, the cost will not be reimbursed by the state of Colorado and the student is required to take the Colorado ACT on April 19 at their home high school. 

The changes were made due to new legislation passed last spring.

There are three national testing sites in the Cherry Creek School District at Cherry Creek, Eaglecrest and Overland high schools. ​