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 Raptors Rest, Relax, & Read​
The EHS Summer Reading Program 2015​
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Looking for GENERAL INFORMATION about the program?

This is a list of potential projects you must complete after you have read your book. You may choose any one project to complete for your summer reading assignment. Additionally, you may use technology to create, enhance and/or develop any project on this list. Be creative and have fun. Show us you have read and understood the novel!

Remember, this project is due to your English teacher during the first week of school. Make sure you have completed this project.

1. Change the time of the setting to the present. Write a one and a half page paper discussing how the events and the characters in the story would be changed if it were to occur this year.

2. Write a chapter or scene that you think would happen directly after the story ends. In this one and a half page continuation, you may twist the plot, re-involve the antagonist, or begin the sequel.

3. Make a collage that represents major characters and events in the book you read. In addition, write a one and a half page explanation telling how the pictures relate to the characters.

4. Imagine that you are a prosecuting attorney putting one of the characters from the book you read on trial for a crime or misdeed. In a one and a half page document, prepare your case. Be sure to give all your arguments and to support them with facts from the book.

5. Complete each of the following six beginning statements with a one paragraph response for each statement. This book made me: 1) realize that... 2) decide that... 3) wonder about... 4) connect to... 5)feel that... and 6) hope that...

6. Write a newspaper or magazine article that would be read at the time of your novel. In this one and a half page aritcle, be sure to include appropriate items of interest and news from the novel's plot. Editorials can refer to specific issues of themes dealt with in the novel.

7. Develop and create your own original art project based on your novel. Color, photography, and/or computer graphics must be used. You must include a one and a half page written explanation of your project, why you chose to depict this element or character, and its relationship to the novel.

8. Prepare a publicity campaign for your book. You might design posters, write a radio or television script, plan newspaper ads and reviews, design a book cover and write the jacket "blurb," or write a publicity letter to accompany a complimentary copy of the book sent to a potential reviewer. Select any three of the six options listed above, and your responses must be at least one and a half pages total.

9. Write a "talk show interview" with a character or the author. In this one and a half page question and answer interview, you may ask some difficult questions of your characters, invent some particular insight into your character's decisions, and/or predict what will happen now that the story events have concluded.

10. You have been selected as a casting director for the movie version of your novel. In a one and a half page justification, you must submit to the director and producer your choices of the actors/actresses to play the lead roles. First, write a description of the characters from the book. Include appearances, age, values, attitude, speech, feelings towards others, and how others feel towards him/her. Then, identify the actor/actress you feel would best fit the role. Explain why they would be perfect for this new role.

11. Create the childhood for a character in a one and a half page paper. If your main character is an adult, try to figure out what he or she would have been like as a child. Write the story of his or her childhood in such a way that explains the character's temperament, motivations, or decisions in the novel.

12. Critique events of the novel from the point of view of a specific organization. Select an organization that might have a lot to say about the actions or portrayals of characters in the novel you read, and write a one and a half page critique of the book from this organization's point of view. For example the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals might have a lot to say about Lennie's treatment of animals in Of Mice and Men.

13. Write a Social Worker's Report about a character or setting. If the events in the novel merit it, write up a one and a half page report as a social worker would on the conditions in the home and whether or not it's a good environment for a child. Justify your findings and suggest alternatives for the characters.

14. Write a College Application Essay from the point of view of the protagonist. Write the application essay that a character you have just read about could write and submit to a college of your choice. In this one and a half page written essay, use all the information you know about the character and convince the college admissions officer that this character would be successful in college.

15. Write unique and insightful poetry about feelings that the novel evoked in you. Write at least three poems in response to the novel. The poems can be about the character development or changes, where the book took place, or the universal themes in the book. Include one paragraph with each that explains how the concepts tie into the novel.

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